About Us


One of many random doodle collages

The Beginning and Inspiration

Hungry Design began its journey in the Autumn of 2012. Being a budding artist and designer who likes to sketch and doodle from time to time. We also motivate and inspire ourselves by creating quotes and sayings that help us in daily challenges in life and work.

Hungry Design was created to help and aid not only ourselves, but bringing it to others via our artwork. We want others to believe in themselves and give them that push in life to achieve whatever goals and dreams to work towards.


Making ideas in very different areas and object situations

While working with Artbox, Hungry Design had its very 1st showcase of its products at that same year at the November 2012 London MCM Expo. Having just a few products from Tote Bags to Postcards. From then on we at Hungry Design was growing our product range, and exhibiting around various shows in London and later around the country. To create and spread positivity throughout!

One of our many past shows - Birmingham MCM Expo 2015

One of our many past shows – Birmingham MCM Expo 2015

What we really enjoy here at Hungry Design, besides being creative and creating artwork; is repeat customers and their testimonials. Your feedback means a lot to us!

Here is but a few that we have inspired and touched their lives via our brand:

“Adorable little notebook inspires me to fill it with cute things c: i love this.”

“I am on my finals this year and I still have your poster on my wall from last year and it still motivates me.”

“Writing a list of ways to stay positive inspired by Hungry Design’s Postcard”

“I came across your stall at MCM Expo, and I fell in love instantly with your bubbly, happy style of doodles and artwork. I just wanted to say how happy it made me seeing your stall and buying some of your posters!”

In a small paragraph, we also take commissioned work for personal and corporate work. These range from Branding and Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design and Illustration. Contact us here.

We create positivity and you live it.

Thank you

Helena & Andy

Hungry Design